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학술대회 Considerations for VoIP Services in IEEE 802.16 Broadband Wireless Access Systems
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홍승은, 권오형
Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2006 (Spring), pp.1226-1230
05MR3200, 차세대 케이블 네트워크 고도화 기술 개발, 권오형
IEEE 802.16 defines the air interface standard for fixed/mobile broadband wireless access (BWA) metropolitan area networks (MANs), which is expected to support quality of service (QoS) for real time application such as voice over IP (VoIP). However, three major technical problems that stand in the way are: 1) absence of MAC scheduling for supporting codecs with voice activity detector (VAD); 2) absence of mapping procedure between IEEE 802.16 service flow and network flow; 3) absence of efficient admission control for VoIP. This paper proposes two schemes, statistical UGS and UGS-rtPS combined scheduling, of MAC scheduling, addresses mapping RSVP FlowSpecs parameter into IEEE 802.16 QoS parameter, and devises simple admission control algorithm for VoIP services. © 2006 IEEE.
Component, IEEE 802.16, Scheduling, Voice activity detector,QoS parameter mapping, admission control, VoIP
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Admission control(AC), Air interface, Broadband Wireless Access(BWA), IEEE 802.16, MAC Scheduling, Mobile Broadband, Network flow, Parameter mapping, QoS parameter, Support quality, Voice activity detector