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학술대회 A Novel System for Intrabody Communication: TouchAnd-Play
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형창희, 성진봉, 황정환, 김진경, 박덕근, 강성원
International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) 2006, pp.1343-1346
06MB3600, 인체통신 컨트롤러 SoC, 강성원
This paper presents a novel intrabody communication system, in which the base-band signal is directly transmitted through human body and electrically recovered, and its architecture are. The electrical characteristics of the human body in terms of a communicational channel are investigated from IKHz to 10MHz using the equipments with a floating ground. The signal from universal asynchronous receiver transceiver (UART) port of microcontroller with 3V peak is used as the output of transmitter. The receiver board occupied 2.2×2.2cm2 areas and consumes 30mW power with 3V supply voltage. The packet error rate (PER) of 10-8 is obtained with a packet size of 77bits. The proposed system named Touch-And-Play (TAP) is implemented and validated by transferring the JPEG file with Manchester coded digital signal up to 1Mbps from one hand with a microcontroller to the opposite one with the functional equivalence of the printer through human body by touching them. © 2006 IEEE.
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Communication system, Digital Signal, Functional equivalence, Human body, ITS Architecture, Intra-body Communication, Packet error rate, Packet size, Supply voltage, electrical characteristics, floating ground