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학술대회 Joint Carrier Recovery and Turbo Decoding Method for TDMA Burst MODEM Under Very Low SNRs
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김판수, 최권휴, 송윤정, 김병학, 오덕길, 이호진
Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2006 (Spring), pp.2198-2200
06MR3500, 고속 이동체 인터넷 위성 무선 연동 기술개발, 이호진
In this paper, we propose the enhanced carrier recovery algorithm for very low SNR environment. Especially, in order to increase an accuracy of residual frequency and phase offset estimation under very low SNR with constraints of power- limited communication system, it is achieved by comparing the phases between soft decision outputs of code symbols and the channel symbols at the each turbo decoding iteration. As the number of iteration increases, residual freq. and phase offset are compensated and thus the reliability of the soft decision output at next iteration is increased. In consequence, the complementary cooperation between iteration decoding and carrier recovery improves the final coded BER performance. The proposed techniques can fulfill the stringent up-link link budgets at Ka band by operating at very low SNR. © 2006 IEEE.
Joint carrier recovery and decoding, TDMA burst, Very low SNR
KSP 제안 키워드
BER performance, Communication system, Complementary cooperation, Link budget, Phase offset, Recovery algorithm, Soft-decision, Turbo decoding, carrier recovery, decoding method, iteration decoding