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학술대회 Two Alternative Registration and Paging Schemes for Supporting Idle Mode in IEEE 802.16e Wireless MAN
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나지현, 정윤원, 노현석, 이상호, 김상하
Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2006 (Fall), pp.2698-2702
In IEEE 802.16e Mobile Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) system, idle mode and paging are defined in order to save battery power of MS and scarce radio resource. Current IEEE 802.16e standard, however, only specifies physical (PHY) layer and medium access control (MAC) layer protocols and mechanisms on idle mode management and paging in network layer have not been completed yet. In this paper, two alternative registration and paging schemes are proposed in order to support idle mode in IEEE 802.16e Wireless MAN system with location server (LS) and paging controller (PC). These mechanisms can be used in implementing network entities for IEEE 802.16e Wireless MAN system. The performance of the two schemes is analyzed based on mathematical analysis. The results show that there is a tradeoff between two schemes based on mobility and traffic characteristics of MS. © 2006 IEEE.
Idle mode, IEEE 802.16e wireless MAN, Location management, Mobile IP, Paging, Registration