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학술대회 Difference Set Attacks on Conjunctive Keyword Search Schemes
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이현숙, 정익래, 변진욱, 이동훈
Workshop on Secure Data Management (SDM) 2006 (LNCS 4165), v.4165, pp.64-74
06MK2700, 차세대 시큐리티 기술 개발, 조현숙
In a keyword search scheme a user stores encrypted data on an untrusted server and gives a database manager a capability for a keyword which enables a database manager to find encrypted data containing the keyword without revealing the keyword to the database manager. Conjunctive keyword search scheme enables a user to obtain data containing all of several keywords through only one query. One of the security requirements of conjunctive keyword search schemes is that a malicious adversary should not be able to generate new valid capabilities from the observed capabilities. In this paper we show that conjunctive keyword search schemes are not secure. In particular, given two capabilities corresponding two sets of keywords, an adversary is able to generate a new capability corresponding to the difference set of two keywords sets. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006.
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Conjunctive keyword search, Security requirements, difference set, encrypted data, malicious adversary