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Conference Paper Optimal Flow Distribution in Service Function Chaining
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이기원, 김명수, 주석진, 백상헌, Kim Young Hwa
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International Conference on Future Internet Technologies (CFI) 2015, pp.17-20
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15MI2200, Smart Networking Core Technology Development, Sunhee Yang
Service function chaining (SFC) enables the creation of composite network services that consist of an ordered set of service functions. For scalable and fault-tolerant SFC services, multiple service function instances should be deployed across networks and incoming flows should be distributed to multiple service function instances appropriately. In this paper, we formulate the flow distribution problem in SFC under resource constraints and evaluate its optimal solution in a realistic network topology generated by the GT-ITM topology generator. Simulation results reveal that the optimal solution can reduce the total flow latency significantly.
KSP Keywords
Composite network, Distribution problem, Fault-tolerant, Network service, Network topology, Optimal Solution, Resource constraints, Topology generator, flow distribution, ordered set, service function chaining