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Journal Article A Lightweight Implementation of RSVP-TE Protocol for MPLS-TE Signaling
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이영우, Kim Sun Cheul, 박재형, 김상하
Issue Date
Computer Communications, v.30 no.6, pp.1199-1204
Elsevier Science
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07MT2700, R&D on all IPv6 based Fixed-Mobile convergence networking technology, Hong Sung Back
Traffic engineering based on an MPLS technology is being introduced for providing high quality-guaranteed services over the Internet. As one of MPLS signaling protocols for traffic engineering, a RSVP-TE protocol transmits and receives periodic refresh messages for maintaining the connection state of a flow-based path. Such a soft state characteristic gives a heavy processing overhead to routers for maintaining connection states in case of being a large number of paths established. In this paper, we propose a lightweight implementation approach of a RSVP-TE protocol reducing processing overhead on periodic messages by adapting the Hello mechanism. We evaluate the processing overhead of the implemented lightweight RSVP-TE protocol compared with the refresh reduction scheme. Our evaluation results show that the proposed RSVP-TE protocol can manage a large number of LSP states without increasing overhead of refresh messages. © 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
KSP Keywords
Connection state, Flow-based, Guaranteed services, Lightweight implementation, MPLS-TE, RSVP-TE protocol, Refresh reduction, Signaling protocols, Signaling traffic, Traffic Engineering