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학술대회 Efficient IMS Authentication Architecture based on Initial Access Authentication in WiBro-Evolution (WiBro-EVO) System
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Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2007 (Spring), pp.904-908
In order to overcome the drawbacks and combine the advantages of both 3G packet-switched mobile communication systems and WLAN, wireless broadband Internet (WiBro) system based on 2.3GHz bandwidth and IEEE 802.16e has been developed in Korea. Recently, the new version of WiBro system, named WiBro-evolution (WiBro-EVO) system which provides various multimedia services, is researched. In this paper, we investigate the IMS authentication schemes and propose the efficient IMS authentication scheme based on the initial access authentication scheme in WiBro-EVO system. We also evaluate the performance of the proposed scheme to consider how it reduces the signaling message overhead in the WiBro-EVO network. The proposed scheme can reduce signaling overhead over the radio interface and core network interface. In addition, it can guarantee the integrity SIP registration messages. © 2007 IEEE.
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Access authentication, Authentication architecture, Broadband Internet, Core Network, IEEE 802.16e(Mobile wimax), Initial access, Message overhead, Multimedia Service, Packet-switched, Radio interface, Wireless Broadband