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학술대회 A Novel ZF Detection Scheme for Double SFBC based OFDM System in Frequency Selective Fading Channel
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윤찬호, 손정보, 이석규
International Conference on Communications (ICC) 2007, pp.2557-2561
07MM2300, 200Mbps급 IEEE 802.11n 모뎀 및 RF 칩셋 개발, 이석규
In this paper, we propose an efficient low complexity MIMO detection method for double space-frequency block coded (D-SFBC) OFDM system. The proposed MIMO detector involves three-step filtering process to efficiently decorrelate spatially-multiplexed / space-frequency-coded signals without direct matrix inversion process. As the proposed MIMO detector takes advantage of frequency selectivity, not a favorable channel condition for SFBC system, performance degradation caused by low correlation between two consecutive subcarriers is compensated by assigning weighting factor for every subcarriers in frequency domain. From computer simulation results, our scheme in D-SFTD outperforms previously proposed suboptimal MIMO detection methods such as iterative interference cancellation based V-BLAST. © 2007 IEEE.
KSP 제안 키워드
Computer simulation(MC and MD), Detection Method, Detection scheme, Feature selection(FS), Frequency Selective Fading Channels, Inversion process, Iterative interference cancellation, Low Complexity MIMO detection, MIMO detector, Matrix Inversion, OFDM systems