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학술대회 Efficient Traffic Prediction Algorithm of Mutimedia Traffic for Scheduling the Wireless Network Resources
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이강용, 조기성, 이병선
International Symposium on Consumer Electronics (ISCE) 2007, pp.1-5
07MT1800, All-IP기반 통합 네트워크 서비스 제어 기술 개발, 이병선
Real-time variable bit rate (VBR) video traffic generated from multimedia applications, such as MPEG-coded video, is expected to be large portions of the traffic in future wired/wireless networks. The nature of VBR traffic and its Quality of Service (QoS) constraints increase a number of challenges on network resource managements and operational utilizations. Thus, accurate traffic prediction based dynamic resource allocation and scheduling can significantly improve network performance substantially while satisfying QoS requirements. In this paper, we propose a novel prediction algorithm of MPEG-coded real-time VBR video traffic for IEEE 802.11e Wireless LANs (WLANs). Based on statistical property of traffic stream, our algorithm performs a prediction of the next frame size for I-, P-, and B-frames. Simulation study using real-world MPEG-4 coded video traces shows that the proposed algorithm achieves much better performance than ANFIS, LMS, and NN methods. In addition, the applicability of our prediction algorithm to IEEE 802.11e WLAN is discussed.
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802.11e WLAN, Dynamic Resource Allocation(DRA), Frame size, Mpeg-4, Network performance, Network resources, QoS Requirements, Real-Time, Real-world, Resource allocation and scheduling, Simulation study