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학술지 Wireless Energy Transfer System with Multiple Coils via Coupled Magnetic Resonances
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전상훈, 김용해, 강승열, 이명래, 정태형
ETRI Journal, v.34 no.4, pp.527-535
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
11ZE1100, ETRI 연구역량 강화를 위한 R&D체계 구축 및 Seed형 기술개발을 위한 창의형 연구 사업, 지경용
A general equivalent circuit model is developed for a wireless energy transfer system composed of multiple coils via coupled magnetic resonances. To verify the developed model, four types of wireless energy transfer systems are fabricated, measured, and compared with simulation results. To model a system composed of n-coils, node equations are built in the form of an n-by-n matrix, and the equivalent circuit model is established using an electric design automation tool. Using the model, we can simulate systems with multiple coils, power sources, and loads. Moreover, coupling constants are extracted as a function of the distance between two coils, and we can predict the characteristics of a system having coils at an arbitrary location. We fabricate four types of systems with relay coils, two operating frequencies, two power sources, and the function of characteristic impedance conversion. We measure the characteristics of all systems and compare them with the simulation results. The flexibility of the developed model enables us to design and optimize a complicated system consisting of many coils. © 2012 ETRI.
KSP 제안 키워드
Complicated system, Coupled magnetic resonances, Coupling constant, Electric Design, Energy transfer system, Magnetic resonance(MR), Multiple coils, Relay coils, characteristic impedance, design automation, equivalent circuit model(ECM)