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학술대회 Issues and Implementation of a URC Home Service Robot
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이승익, 장철수, 김성훈, 노명찬, 서범수
International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN) 2007, pp.570-575
07MI1100, URC를 위한 내장형 컴포넌트 기술개발 및 표준화, 황대환
This paper reviews and discusses many issues and implementation details of an intelligent home service robot in a URC (Ubiquitous Robotic Companion) environment. In contrast to standalone service robots, URC service robots provide a variety of functions by the full utilization of network infrastructure. Many challenges are waiting to be faced in front of us - for example, the execution and coordination of services, multiple team support, session and service management, and communication protocol and its architecture, and resource management of a robot. This paper proposes solutions for the above issues and applies the solutions to a network-based home service robot called Nettoro. As an application of the proposed architecture, a pilot project launched December, 2006 is presented and the results are briefly discussed. ©2007 IEEE.
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ITS Architecture, Resource management, communication protocol, home service robot, intelligent home, network infrastructure, network-based, pilot project, robotic companion, service management