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학술대회 An Efficient Resource Allocation for TCP Services in IEEE 802.16 Wireless MANs
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김은경, 김주희, 김경수
Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2007 (Fall), pp.1513-1517
In IEEE 802.16 Wireless MANs supporting OFDMA-PHY, random access with CDMA-based mechanism is proposed to request bandwidth for uplink data. Collision, which increases the Round Trip Time (RTT), is not avoided due to random access during requesting bandwidth among subscriber stations (SSs). In this paper, we propose an efficient resource allocation for Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) services with resolving RTT increasing problem caused by the wireless access of the best effort service and enhancing network performance in IEEE 802.16 Wireless MANs supporting OFDMA-PHY. The proposed resource allocation estimates the uplink traffic of SS based on the downlink traffic to the SS and allocates the resource to the SS, which transmits uplink traffic with the allocated resource. Our simulation results show that the proposed scheme provides better performance. © 2007 IEEE.
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Best Effort(BE), Efficient resource allocation, IEEE 802.16, Network performance, Random Access, Round trip time, Subscriber station, Transmission Control Protocol(TCP), Wireless Access, resource allocation(RA), simulation results