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학술대회 Round-Trip Time-based Wireless Positioning without Time Synchronization
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박상영, 안효성, 유원필
International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems (ICCAS) 2007, pp.2323-2326
07MI1300, USN 기반 Ubiquitous Robotic Space 기술 개발, 유원필
In this paper, we suggest a new positioning system that uses two-way time-of-arrival, called round-trip time (RTT). There already exist positioning systems based on time-of-arrival (TOA) and time difference-of-arrival (TDOA). Although these methods have been shown to be effective, they have a serious problem in installing and maintaining hardware for time synchronization. However, in the case of RTT-based method, the time synchronization is not needed even though the delay arose from the node makes it hard to measure the exact round-trip time. In this paper, we put another node called time-reference node that can estimate the internal delay of the node. Using the time-reference node, we can obtain a more accurate RTT measurement and the distance between nodes without time synchronization. We then locate a mobile node without time synchronization. Our positioning system is evaluated using network simulator. © ICROS.
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Mobile node(MN), Network simulator(NS), RTT-based, Reference nodes, Round trip time, Time Based, Time Difference of Arrival(TDOA), Time synchronization, positioning system, time of arrival(TOA), two-way time-of-arrival