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학술대회 Novel Vertical Transition Using a Trough Line, a Slab Line and Shielded Multilayer Coplanar Waveguides for 50 GHz LTCC Hermetic SMT MMIC Package
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주인권, 염인복, 오승엽
European Micorwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC) 2007, pp.563-566
07MR1100, 통신해양기상위성 개발, 이성팔
A new vertical transition using a trough line, a slab line and shielded multilayer coplanar waveguides (SMCPW) was proposed in order to develop a DC to 50 GHz band low loss LTCC hermetic surface mounting (SMT) MMIC package. The trough line, the slab line and the SMCPWs were employed to minimize the radiation loss, crosstalk and discontinuity of the conventional via vertical transition. The proposed vertical transition was made with the multiple transmission lines that consist of the SMCPW1 - trough line - slab line - SMCPW2 - SMCPW3. The manufactured LTCC hermetic SMT MMIC package showed the low insertion loss less than 0.6 dB and the reflection loss below -20 dB in the frequency range from DC to 53 GHz. © 2007 EuMA.
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Coplanar Waveguide Feeding(CPW), Frequency Range, GHz band, Radiation loss, Surface mounting, Vertical Transition, low insertion loss, low loss, multiple transmission lines(MTLs), reflection loss