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학술대회 Observability Analysis of the INS/GPS Navigation System on the Measurements in Land Vehicle Applications
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조성윤, 김병두, 조영수, 최완식
International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems (ICCAS) 2007, pp.841-846
07MD2400, 실내외 연속측위 기술개발, 최완식
In this paper, the observability of the INS/GPS navigation system for a land vehicle is analyzed on measurements and different dimension filters with respect to the measurements are designed. In the stationary case, it is shown that the horizontal accelerometer biases and vertical attitude errors and gyro biases are unobservable. An 8th filter is designed based on the observability analysis. When GPS signal is available, a 15th filter is used with position and velocity measurements. To estimate the INS errors even in the case that GPS signal is blocked a filter is designed in consideration of the non-holonomic constraints of a land vehicle. In this case, the horizontal position and velocity errors and vertical attitude error are unobservable. However, a 12th filter including the velocity states is designed to estimate the accelerometer biases. Based on the results of the observability analysis and the different dimension filters, an efficient INS/GPS filter including the filters as sub-filters can be designed.
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GPS Filter, GPS navigation, GPS signal, Land vehicle, Non-holonomic Constraints, Observability Analysis, Vehicle applications, Velocity errors, attitude error, different dimensions, navigation system