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학술대회 A Mobility Management Technique with Simple Handover Prediction for 3G LTE Systems
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김태형, Qiping Yang, 이재형, 박순기, 신연승
Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC) 2007 (Fall), pp.1-5
07MM1600, 3G Evolution 액세스 시스템 개발, 김영진
Fast and seamless handover are also weighty issues in 3G LTE systems. Although cross-layer optimization and mobility prediction are well-known techniques for obtaining that goal, they have not been accepted in 3G or 3G LTE systems yet due to their insufficient cost/performance ratio. In order to overcome that problem, this paper proposes a mobility management technique which uses simple handover prediction based on cross-layer architecture. The proposed prediction technique uses both simple moving average for (sub-)inertial movements and simple mobility pattern matching for non-inertial movements. New reporting events are introduced for UE's measurement reports and a handover prediction algorithm are designed for eNodeB's handover preparation. In the simulation with two random waypoint models, the proposed technique shows less number of handovers and lower rate of ping-pong handovers than the UMTS standard mobility technique. © 2007 IEEE.
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3G LTE, Cross-layer architecture, LTE systems, Mobility management, Mobility pattern, Performance Ratio(PR), Ping-pong, Prediction technique, Random Waypoint, Seamless Handover, cross-layer optimization