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학술대회 Low Power Consumptive Mixed Mode MMIC Power Amplifier Module for WCDMA Handset Applications
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박민, 최윤호, 강태영, 박경환, 박성수, 현석봉
European Micorwave Integrated Circuits Conference (EuMIC) 2007, pp.489-492
07MB1800, 초저전력 RF/HW/SW 통합 SoC, 현석봉
A high average-efficient MMIC power amplifier is implemented utilizing mixed mode power stage techniques with proper linearity. The average power efficiency, which is more important fact to save the battery in handsets, is improved about three times than commercial PAs with only supply voltage of 3.0-V. The power amplifier has been optimized for different P1dB (1-dB compression point) value: one for 16 dBm for the low power mode, targeting the most probable transmission power, and the other for 28 dBm for the high power mode. A PAE of 29.0% at 16 dBm of out power, which is the maximum bound of the most probable transmission power in IS-95 systems, was obtained, as well as 46.7% at 28.2dBm for the high power mode. The measured adjacent channel leakage power ratios (ACLR) at the high and low power mode of P1dB are -36.17 and -36.16dBc, respectively, and satisfy the Third-Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) WCDMA specification. © 2007 EuMA.
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1-dB compression point, Adjacent channel, As 4, Average Power, High power, Leakage power, Low power mode, MMIC power amplifier, Power Efficiency, Power stage, Supply voltage