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학술대회 Mobile Robot Navigation using RFID and Vision Sensor
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채희성, 나상익
International Symposium on Information Technology Convergence (ISITC) 2007, pp.48-51
07MI1300, USN 기반 Ubiquitous Robotic Space 기술 개발, 유원필
Ontologies play a key role in the Semantic Web which vision of the Web is as a universal medium for data, information, and knowledge exchange. OWL is the promising ontology language proposed by W3C, which is intended to provide a formal description of concepts, terms, and relationships within a given knowledge domain. Although OWL has a powerful expressive ability on knowledge, it has no capability to represent the uncertainty and imprecise information. In the context of Semantic Web and multimedia applications, concepts are rather vague than precise and there are increasing needs to deal with vague knowledge. This paper proposes an extension of OWL DL with fuzzy logic by giving the formal syntax and semantics, an instance is show that fuzzy information can be expressed well in the proposed ontology language. © 2007 IEEE.
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Imprecise information, Key role, Knowledge exchange, Mobile Robot Navigation, Ontology language, Vague knowledge, Vision sensor, formal description, fuzzy information, fuzzy logic(FL), multimedia applications