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Conference Paper Instant Notification Service for Ubiquitous Personal Care in Healthcare Application
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Kang Kyu Chang, Jeun Woo Lee, 최훈
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International Conference on Convergence Information Technology (ICCIT) 2007, pp.1500-1503
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07MH1800, Development of Wearable System Using Physiological Signal Processing, Jeun Woo Lee
This paper addresses why we need an instant notification service for a ubiquitous personal care in healthcare application and presents its prototype implementation. The implemented instant notification service has two major features: (1) the service is implemented as a thin client application from terminal's perspective. Because healthcare terminals are usually small devices such as a PDA or a smart phone. (2) Two types of messages (text and voice message) are supported. This paper is one of implementations for practical ubiquitous personal care but we should consider the compatibility issue to link a standard healthcare industry in the future. © 2007 IEEE.
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Client application, Healthcare applications, Healthcare industry, Instant notification, Notification service, Personal care, Prototype implementation, Small devices, Smart Phone, Thin Client, voice message