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학술대회 A Development of H.264 Encoder Adapted to the WiBro Communication Environment for the Real-time Tele-operation of Robots
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장철수, 김중배, 최욱현, 이철현
International Conference on Convergence Information Technology (ICCIT) 2007, pp.125-128
06DI1100, 견마형 로봇을 위한 원격 통제장치 및 WiBro 무선통신장치 개발, 김중배
The images obtained through the camera mounted on a robot should be transmitted to the remote user in order to control the robot on a real time basis. For the real-time transmission of images, encoded video data should be compacted as small as it is suitable in transmitting through the transmission channel, and the image compression module which is installed on a robot has to be implemented as it can have the minimum encoding time. Furthermore, the encoder should adapt to the wireless communications environment such as WiBro which has the variable communication bandwidths. In this paper, a development of image compression module based on H.264 for the real-time tele-operation of robots in the WiBro environment is discussed. © 2007 IEEE.
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Communication Environment, Encoding time, H.264 encoder, Image Compression, Real-time transmission, Remote user, Tele-Operation, Video data, transmission channel, wireless communication