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학술대회 Program Segment Based Personalized Broadcasting
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최재영, 진성호, 홍진우, 노용만
TENCON 2007, pp.1-4
07MR3200, 맞춤시청형 DMB 기술개발, 홍진우
Recently, a personalized service based on viewer's preference is available in digital broadcasting. It takes eventually aiming at user satisfactory personalized service in anytime and anywhere. Being more available in personalization, user is looking forward to consuming segments of program in his preference as well as entire program. In this paper, we propose a new broadcasting system to generate and provide segments-based personalized broadcasting service to user terminals. Selecting and filtering suitable segments in broadcasting programs are presented with the schema of TV-Anytime Forum(TVAF) metadata. The proposed system shows a scheme with which program segments are reorganized into personalized program, i.e., virtual program. To verify the usefulness of the proposed system, we demonstrated the virtual program, which was made with user preferred segments, on a test-bed which consists of service provider, user terminal and mobile terminal1. ©2007 IEEE.
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Broadcasting system, Digital Broadcasting, Personalized broadcasting, Personalized service, Service Provider, Test-bed, User terminals, mobile terminal