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학술대회 Comparison of Force, Tactile and Vibrotactile Feedback for Texture Representation Using a Combined Haptic Feedback Interface
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경기욱, 이준영, 박준석
International Workshop on Haptic and Audio Interaction Design (HAID) 2007 (LNCS 4813), v.4813, pp.34-43
07MH2100, 퍼스널 Life Log기반 지능형 서비스 기술 개발, 배창석
In this paper, we compared force feedback, tactile feedback and vibration feedback for texture display. For this investigation, a pen-like haptic interface with a built-in compact tactile display and a vibrating module was developed. The handle of pen held haptic interface was replaced by the pen-like interface to add tactile feedback capability to the device. Since the system provides combination of force and tactile feedback, three haptic representation methods have been compared on surface with 3 texture groups which differ in direction, groove width and shape. Over all the tests, the haptic device with combined with the built-in compact tactile display showed satisfactory results. Vibration feedback was also reasonably effective in texture display. From the series of experiments, applicability of the compact tactile display and usability of pen-like haptic interface in a pen held hapic interface have been verified. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2007.
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Built-in, Force Feedback, Haptic Feedback, Pen-like, Representation method, Texture representation, Vibrating module, Vibration feedback, feedback capability, haptic device, haptic interface