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학술대회 The New Approach for Inter-communication between Guest Domains on Virtual Machine Monitor
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신현섭, 김강호, 김재열, 정성인
International International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences (ISCIS) 2007, pp.1-6
07MH2200, 공개S/W 핵심기술개발, 김명준
In general, the speed of internal communication on a single-machine is faster than the other communication.(e.g. communication between remote PCs through the local network) Therefore, we expected that the internal communication between guest domains on a single-machine of Virtual Machine Monitor(VMM)[1] was also fast. However, in the experiment, it showed that rather the speed was slower than the other communication because each guest domain was not well considered to be executed on VMM. In other words, the guest domain has some problems in the architecture of communication and data transmission on VMM. In this paper, we find the causes of those problems and suggest a new design for internal communication to improve its performance. It is well considered to be executed on VMM and shows the performance improvement of bandwidth up to 8 times in comparison with existing internal communication. And it also reduced the latency to 25%. ©2007 IEEE.
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Data transmission, Internal communication, New approach, Virtual machine(VM), Virtual machine monitor, inter-communication, performance improvement, single machine