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학술대회 Design of Information Management Model for Sensor Based Context-Aware Service in Ubiquitous Home
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백승호, 최은창, 허재두
International Conference on Convergence Information Technology (ICCIT) 2007, pp.1040-1047
07MH2800, 무선홈네트워크 기반 HD급 멀티미디어 시스템 개발, 허재두
Recently, sensor network technologies are being applied to more places such as the intelligent home, offices and universities. It is considered a main component of ubiquitous computing. This work focuses on sensor networks, the main infrastructure for context-aware service in ubiquitous home network. The context-aware services will trigger intelligent and automatic services according to the context information based on the sensor platform context in the future home. This service requires accurate sensing information about the environment or user, which is gathered via information exchange among sensors without human intervention and management of this information. Hence, if the intelligent service develops configuration and control problems related to some sensed information. Such problem causes interaction issues which require an optimal solution. This paper's proposed model, implements a location tracking system, sensor information management (SIM) model, and mechanism, which can gather optimal information through the interaction within sensed information. Finally, context-aware services such as location tracking service and appliance control service presently adopt SIM mechanism. The SIM model implements a framework which comprise of foundation for intelligent physical agents (FIPA) based on intelligent agent platform, a sensor platform, an environment sensor node, and an ultra-sonic based active bat location sensor node.1 © 2007 IEEE.
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Agent Platform, Appliance control, Context Information, Context-aware service, Control problem, Control service, Environment sensors, Home Network, Information Exchange, Intelligent agents, Location tracking system