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학술대회 Chip-To-Chip Optical Link By Using Optical Wiring Method
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조인귀, 안승호, 정명영, 노병섭, 박효훈
Photonics: Design, Technology, and Packaging III (SPIE 6801), v.6801, pp.1-8
07MR1800, 광대역 RF안테나 측정기술 표준개발, 윤재훈
A practical optical link system was prepared with a transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx). The optical TRx module consisted of a metal optical bench, a module printed circuit board (PCB), a driver/receiver IC, a VCSEL/PD array, and an optical link block composed of plastic optical fiber (POF). For the optical interconnection between the light-sources and detectors, an optical wiring method has been proposed to enable easy assembly. This paper provides a method for optical interconnection between an optical Tx and an optical Rx, comprising the following steps: (a) forming a light source device, an optical detection device, and an optical transmission unit on a substrate (metal optical bench (MOB)); (b) preparing a flexible optical transmission-connection medium (optical wiring link) to optically connect the light source device formed on the substrate with the optical detection device; and (c) directly connecting one end of the surface-finished optical transmission connection medium with the light source device and the other end with the optical detection device. A chip-to-chip optical link system constructed with TRx modules was fabricated and the optical characteristics were measured. The results clearly demonstrate that the use of an optical wiring method can provide robust and cost-effective assembly for vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) and photodiodes (PDs). We successfully achieved a 5 Gb/s data transmission rate with this optical link.
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Data transmission rate, Light source, Optical characteristics, Optical detection, Optical interconnection, Wiring method, chip-to-chip, cost-effective, detection device, optical link, optical transmission