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학술대회 Face Feature Extraction Using Elliptical Model Based Background Deletion And Generalized FEM
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정윤수, 정성욱, 배영래, 문기영
International Conference on Signal Image Technologies and Internet Based System (SITIS) 2007, pp.763-768
07MK2400, 프라이버시 보호형 바이오인식 시스템 개발, 문기영
This paper addresses a new face feature extraction method using elliptical model based background deletion and the generalized facial energy map (FEM). First of all, the method utilizes the elliptical model of a face to get a good normalized face image. This elliptical model based approach, thus, can easily delete the background region of high complexity. Next, the method generates a generalized FEM from the transformed data set of normalized face images. Finally, the coefficients of DCT, potentially containing important meanings, are extracted with the above generalized FEM, and are analyzed by using LDA. Experimental results show that the method effectively extracts feature vectors with reasonable time complexity, and has good recognition performances. © 2008 IEEE.
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Data sets, Energy map, Face Image, Feature Vector, Generalized FEM, Model-based approach, Time Complexity, elliptical model, face feature extraction, feature extraction method