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학술대회 Privacy Management for Medical Service Application Using Mobile Phone Collaborated with RFID Reader
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이병길, 김호원
International Conference on Signal Image Technologies and Internet Based System (SITIS) 2007, pp.1053-1057
07MK1800, 안전한 RFID/USN을 위한 정보보호 기술 개발, 정교일
The RFID and sensor network based ubiquitous computing has great potential in medical and healthcare services. Most of medical accidents around patients are depended on misidentification of patient or medical articles. The accidents can be reduced, if information about the patient is managed automatically. In this aspect, the mobile device with RFID reader is useful device as a medical assistant. However, the security and privacy problem related RFID application has become a serious issue in real service environment. In this paper, we propose a customized policy based privacy management architecture for medical and healthcare application. The proposed mechanism is a useful solution for user centric privacy management in medical environment. ©2008 IEEE.
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Healthcare Services, Healthcare applications, Medical Services, Mobile devices, Privacy management, RFID applications, RFID reader, Sensor networks, Service environment, medical environment, mobile phone