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학술지 Controlled Growth of Two-Dimensional ZnO Nanowalls by Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition
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이삼동, 박현규, 김상우, 박래만, 김상협, 맹성렬, 김경국
Journal of the Korean Physical Society, v.51, pp.S303-S307
한국물리학회 (KPS)
06MB4700, 차세대 고성능 광전자소자 및 스마트 생화학 센서 구현을 위한 IT-BT-NT 융합 핵심기술 개발, 맹성렬
Morphology and crystallographic properties of two-dimensional ZnO nanowalls epitaxially grown on catalytic Au-deposited GaN/$c$-plane sapphire substrates in a thermal chemical vapor deposition process were studied as a function of growth temperature. Vertically well-aligned ZnO nanowall networks with different wall size and morphology were formed at 880, 900 and 920 $^\circ$C, respectively. We observed that the ZnO nanowall networks were of a single-crystalline structure and showed a perfect epitaxial relation with the catalytic Au and the GaN substrate in high-resolution electron microscopy and synchrotron X-ray scattering experiments. It was found that the crystal quality of ZnO nanowall and catalytic Au was improved with increasing growth temperature in X-ray powder diffraction measurements. The room-temperature photoluminescence spectrum showed a quite strong and sharp ultraviolet emission as well as relatively weak deep-level emission, indicating good optical properties of the ZnO nanowall samples in this work.
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Chemical vapor deposition process, Chemical vapour deposition(CVD), Crystalline structure, Crystallographic properties, Deep-level emission, Epitaxial relation, Epitaxially grown, GaN substrate, High-resolution electron microscopy(HREM), Nanowall networks, Photoluminescence spectrum