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학술대회 The Performance of the Waveguide Photodiode implemented in the LTCC-based Photonic Millimeter-Wave Receiver for Broadband Fixed Wireless HDTV Broadcasting network with 60 GHz Millimeter wave over Fiber Link
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남은수, 김동영, 오명숙, 김호영, 정영준, 김해천, 유현규
Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC) 2007, pp.1-4
07MB1100, 60GHz Pico cell 통신용 SoP, 유현규
An LTCC-based photonic millimeter-wave receiver using a waveguide photodiode was developed for the detection of the analogue millimeter-wave optical signal transmitted over optical fiber. An LTCC-based photonic millimeter-wave receiver processed 2.67 Gbps of the HDTV data which are frequency-up converted optical signal of 60 GHz. The total bandwidth assigned for the HDTV is 528 MHz which is occupied by 88 channels whose unit channel bandwidth is 6 MHz. The transferred RF signal format was based on single carrier in 60 GHz band with 64 QAM modulation. The low cost LTCC based 60 GHz millimeter-wave photo-receiver was successfully demonstrated for the gjgabit-per-seoond wireless HDTV broadcasting systems.
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6 MHz, 60 GHz band, Broadcasting system, Channel bandwidth, Fiber link, Low-cost, Optical fiber, Optical signal, QAM modulation, RF signal, Single-carrier(SC)