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학술대회 Algorithm and System for Traffic Safety on the Intersection
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김정숙, 임재한, 장병태
International Conference on Vehicular Electronics and Safety (ICVES) 2007, pp.1-4
07MD1500, USN 인프라 기반 텔레매틱스 응용 서비스 기술개발, 박종현
The demand for the safety is increased in the telematics area area. The main reason for the car accident is driver's delay in recognition and error in operation and judgment about danger. About 45% car crash comes from delayed recognition and 28 % comes from error in operation and judgment. In order to solve the safety prob problem, we propose the wireless lem, sensor system which can reduce the danger by warning invisible and unexpected risk in advance. In the consideration of environment which our system is deployed, our wireless sensor system for safety is composed of wireless sensor node sensing car existence with magnetic sensors, wireless relay node relaying the sensed data to the main server, and base station which is main server gathering all sensed data from sensor node and generating alarm messages. It is expected that our system successfully reduce car accident with wireless sensor network technology. ©2007 IEEE.
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Car crash, Delayed recognition, Magnetic sensor, Network technology, Relay Nodes, Static wireless sensor networks(WSNs), Traffic Safety, Wireless sensor system, base station(BS), wireless relay, wireless sensor node