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학술대회 Power Efficient Frequency Domain Packet Scheduling for OFDMA Systems
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이경석, 유병한, 이철훈
International Conference on Convergence Information Technology (ICCIT) 2007, pp.1906-1911
07MM1100, 3G Evolution 무선전송 기술 개발, 방승찬
As the enormous development of IT technology, the convergence technology enlarges its research areas. Recently, OFDMA which was widely used in satellite and wireline communications is applied to broadband wireless communication systems. In order to employ the OFDMA to next generation mobile systems, throughput maximization and power efficient control mechanism is needed. This paper proposes the multilevel scheme for the power efficient feedback of channel state information without degrading system performance. Also, we propose a sub-optimal resource allocation scheme based on a greedy algorithm which guarantees fairness with reduced complexity. Proposed scheme is evaluated by system level simulation which uses a spatial channel model and the results show that the proposed scheme follows proportional fair throughput and reduces signaling overheads for feedback. © 2007 IEEE.
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Allocation scheme, Broadband wireless, Channel State Information(CSI), Control mechanism, Greedy Algorithm, IT technology, Mobile system, OFDMA systems, Optimal resource allocation, Packet scheduling, Power-efficient