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학술대회 Waveguide Bragg Gratings With Tailored Spectral Chirps Induced by Tapered Core Profiles
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김민수, 주정진, 박승구, 이명현
Integrated Optics: Devices, Materials, and Technologies XII (SPIE 6896), v.6896, pp.1-6
06MB2100, 40G 모듈, 이명현
Chirped Bragg gratings can be utilized in various application regions due to their characteristic spectral and group delay responses. Chirped Bragg gratings based on the planar waveguide technology can present several advantages over chirped fiber Bragg gratings. We have proposed and demonstrated that the chirp characteristics of waveguide Bragg grating (WBG) devices can be tailored by adopting specifically tapered core profiles. On the ground of our analytical and experimental results, we established the dependence of the modal effective index on the core width. Using the relationship, we designed and fabricated polymeric WBG devices with precisely controlled linear chirp parameters. Then, one of the fabricated WBG device was packaged and applied to tunable dispersion compensation (TDC) for 40-Gbps optical signal transmission. It was ascertained that the optical signal quality was significantly improved by tuning the operation condition of the packaged TDC module.
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Bragg grating(FBG), Chirped Bragg grating, Core width, Operation condition, Optical signal, Planar waveguide, Signal quality, Signal transmission, Tunable dispersion compensation, WBG devices, Waveguide Bragg grating(WBG)