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학술대회 Sensor Based Hybrid Managing Mechanism for Context-aware Service Compatibility
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백승호, 최은창, 허재두
International Conference on Information Science and Security (ICISS) 2008, pp.115-120
07MH2800, 무선홈네트워크 기반 HD급 멀티미디어 시스템 개발, 허재두
It is expected that the intelligent management system will be able to provide intelligent building services based on context-awareness mechanism, which consists of a sensor platform, a context-aware framework and an intelligent agent. The sensor platform collects raw data and sends them to a context-aware framework which perceives the residents and a building's context. The intelligent agent triggers an automatic services according to the information based on the sensed situation of the context-aware framework. We designed and implemented the intelligent visitor care system based on this context-awareness technology, which minimizes residents' interventions and maximizes functionality autonomy of systems. Also we suggested system architecture and the flows for the proposed system. In this article we discuss interaction issue about conflict and interference between various context information and service in the building environment. Context information conflict arises when deciding service through various sensing information. Service interaction generated when a service is applied to different controls at the same time, for same device. Also we proposed a model to implement the sensing information management (SIM) module which can gather and optimized information through interaction within sensed information and adapts it's to the context-aware services. © 2008 IEEE.
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Building environment, Building services, Context Information, Context awareness, Context-aware service, Information conflict, Intelligent agents, Sensed information, Sensor based, Service Interaction, System architecture