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학술대회 Development of 3D video and 3D data services for T-DMB
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윤국진, 이현, 허남호, 김진웅
Stereoscopic Displays and Applications XIX (SPIE 6803), v.6803, pp.1-12
07MR3300, 무안경 개인형 3D 방송기술개발, 안치득
In this paper, we present motivation, system concept, and implementation details of stereoscopic 3D visual services on T-DMB. We have developed two types of 3D visual service : one is '3D video service', which provides 3D depth feeling for a video program by sending left and right view video streams, and the other is '3D data service', which provides presentation of 3D objects overlaid on top of 2D video program. We have developed several highly efficient and sophisticated transmission schemes for the delivery of 3D visual data in order to meet the system requirements such as (1) minimization of bitrate overhead to comply with the strict constraint of T-DMB channel bandwidth; (2) backward and forward compatibility with existing T-DMB; (3) maximize the eye-catching effect of 3D visual representation while reducing eye fatigue. We found that, in contrast to conventional way of providing a stereo version of a program as a whole, the proposed scheme can lead to variety of efficient and effective 3D visual services which can be adapted to many business models. © 2008 SPIE-IS&T.
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3D Video, 3D data, 3D depth, 3D object, Business Model, Channel bandwidth, Eye fatigue, Eye-Catching, Forward compatibility, System Requirements, System concept