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학술대회 Methodology for Verifying the load limit Point and Bottle-neck of a Game Server using the Large Scale Virtual Clients
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김주영, 김진용, 박창준
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2008, pp.382-386
07MC1500, 멀티코아 CPU 및 MPU기반 크롯플랫폼 게임기술 개발, 양광호
In this work, we propose the methodology for verifying the load limit point of a game server using the large scale virtual clients. It helps to reduce the testing time and to find the load limit point of servers. It explicitly secures the stability of the server for networked virtual environment and at the same time, it elaborately generates actual loads for testing the performance of the server. Our agent based load testing architecture provides variety of interactions of virtual entitles in the virtual worlds to perform realistic simulations. Simulation results show that our proposed method ensures the stability and capacity of the servers.
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Bottle-neck, Limit point, Load limit, Load testing, Networked virtual environment, Realistic simulations, Virtual world, agent-based, based load, large-scale, simulation results