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학술지 Molecular Conductance Switch-On of Single Ruthenium Complex Molecules
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서경자, 알렉산더, 이정현, 방경숙, 이효영
Journal of the American Chemical Society, v.130 no.8, pp.2553-2559
American Chemical Society(ACS)
Thiol-tethered RuII terpyridine complexes were synthesized for a voltage-driven molecular switch and used to understand the switch-on mechanism of the molecular switches of single metal complexes in the solid-state molecular junction in a vacuum. Molecularly resolved scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) images revealed well-defined single RuII complexes isolated in the highly ordered dielectric monolayer. When a negative sample-bias was applied, the threshold voltage to the high conductance state in the molecular junctions of the RuII complex was consistent with the electronic energy gap between the Fermi level of the gold substrate and the lowest ligand-centered redox state of the metal complex molecule. As an active redox center leading to conductance switching in the molecule, the lowest ligand-centered redox state of RuII complexes was suggested to trap an electron injected from the gold substrate. Our suggestions for a single-molecule switch-on mechanism in the solid state can provide guidance in a design that improves the charge-trapping efficiency of the ligands with different metal substrates. © 2008 American Chemical Society.
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Charge trapping, Electronic energy, Energy gap, Fermi level, Gold substrate, Ligand-centered, Metal complex, Molecular conductance, Redox center, Redox state, Ruthenium complexes