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학술대회 SCE Library Implementation for Creating Networks Converged Mashup Service
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정승화, 신영미
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2008, pp.1667-1671
Open APIs make the developer, who does not have the specific knowledge of the network, create a service easier and faster. However, the developer still needs some knowledge of each APIs and programming skill in order to use this kind of APIs. For this, the SCE (Service Creation Environment) tool in which developers can easily use APIs was developed. Through the SCE, many number of general IT developers can create services simply with the minimum knowledge of the network and the understanding about the offered APIs. In this paper, we describe the implementation steps and the verification of the SCE library that can produce the mashup service composed by the parlay X API, the web 2.0 API, and the utility API.
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Service creation environment, web 2.0