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학술대회 Extensible USN Metadata Management System
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김철수, 이용준, 황준석
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2008, pp.1716-1718
07MD1400, USN 미들웨어 플랫폼 기술개발, 박종현
The paper proposes a technology for management of extensible metadata for the ubiquitous sensor network. There are a lot of challenges in establishing USN system which is based ubiquitous and is using various sensors and communication technology to give human comfortable life. USN metadata management and service system is necessary for more convenient development of USN system. However, USN metadata systems usually define their metadata model which is more efficient and better explainable for their USN environment of their application domain. It means that each USN metadata management and service system should have its own metadata model. It is very difficult for a developer to build metadata management systems for various USN application domains. In this paper, we show a metadata management system which supports metadata schema changes for various USN application domains.
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Application domain, Management system, Metadata model, Metadata schema, Service System, communication technologies, metadata management, ubiquitous sensor network