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학술대회 A Method for Distributing Web Applications
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남기혁, 방기석, 최완
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2008, pp.2179-2182
07MH2600, SaaS 기반 이동형 개인 맞춤 사무환경 제공 기술 개발, 최완
Web has influenced the form of software applications. These web applications are generally difficult to distribute by novice users since their usage was restricted to the network based massive servers which has many server modules requiring difficult configurations. However, web applications became widespread and used in daily basis from simple utility programs to PIMS. This paper proposes a web application model and distribution method for portable web applications to adapt to current trends. The most salient features of the method are click & run interface for installing, configuring, and executing web applications, and offline execution by providing a web server, a DBMS on movable disks such as USB memory sticks. The method has been verified by developing a simple application platform and package builder supporting applications written in Ruby and PHP.
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Application Platform, Application model, Current trends, Novice users, Software applications, USB memory, Utility programs, Web application, Web server, form of software, salient features