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학술대회 Efficient Phase Estimation Using Turbo Decoding In Satellite Communications System
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임영선, 박재성, 김판수, 장대익, 이호진, 김진영
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2008, pp.1209-1212
07MR2700, 고속 이동체 인터넷 위성 무선 연동 기술개발, 이호진
Phase estimation is a critical issue for turbo code implementation because good performance of turbo codes always implicitly assumes complete phase synchronization. Phase offset changes fast and must be treated on a symbol basis with much more complicated modeling. In this paper, we present and analyze an efficient phase synchronization method based on PSP (per-survivor processing) for modern satellite systems with multimedia services. When the PSP estimator is implemented by hardware, the complexity is significantly increased. To relieve this complexity, we propose novel synchronization method by changing the number of path according to condition of channels. The number of calculation is reduced consequently and the performance maintains similar to existing PSP because the number of path decrease for various kinds of scenarios of channel conditions. Both theoretical and simulated results are presented for varying simulation parameters. The proposed technique can be applied to the turbo coding-based satellite multimedia communication systems.
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Communication system, Communications system, Multimedia Communication, Multimedia Service, Per Survivor Processing(PSP), Phase Synchronization, Phase offset, Simulation parameters, Turbo coding, Turbo decoding, channel condition