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학술대회 A Metadata Schema Design on Representation of Sensory Effect Information for Sensible Media and its Service Framework using UPnP
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표신지, 주상현, 최범석, 이해룡, 김재곤
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2008, pp.1129-1134
With advent of various media services and development of audio and video devices, we can enjoy the media more effectively and realistically. Conventional media content is presented mostly via speakers, TV and LCD monitors. Beyond the media rendering only, if the media contents interlink with peripheral devices when being playbacked, it is possible to make fascinating effects on audiovisual media contents. In this paper, we suggest a device rendered sensible media and metadata schema for representing the effect and control information and design a service framework for device rendered sensible media based on UPnP framework.
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Audio and video, Audiovisual media, Metadata schema, Peripheral devices, Schema design, Sensory effect, Service Framework, media content