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학술대회 A Method for Distributed Personal Contents Management
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정문영, 강성주, 최지훈, 구경이, 김원영, 최완
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2008, pp.808-811
07MH2600, SaaS 기반 이동형 개인 맞춤 사무환경 제공 기술 개발, 최완
This paper1 describes a method for managing, visualizing and searching personal contents distributed on the desktop and the multiple Web sites. Personal web server in this system enables users to access their contents from the remote sites, so users need not upload them to the public web server. We propose unified contents access methods for the various contents from the multiple sources and a visualization method to manage personal contents effectively. With unified contents access methods and the visualization method, all contents are accessible through the same interface and users can use them regardless of contents types or sources. To provide the up-to-date information in the personal contents management system, we implemented the file system/database synchronization engine.
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Access method, Contents management system, Database synchronization, File System, Multiple sources, Personal Web, Visualization method, Web server, Web sites, remote sites