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학술대회 Inter-Domain QoS Routing Scheme using Link State Information
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김태일, 정해원, 정민영, 진성일
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2008, pp.1254-1258
08MR3300, IPv6기반의 Qos 서비스 및 단말 이동성 지원 라우터 기술개발, 정부금
In the Internet, in order to guarantee Quality of Service (QoS), all routers have to manage their Link State Databases (LSDBs) and determine a routing path that satisfies service requirements based on the LSDB. In addition, routing protocols have to provide QoS not only in the intradomain but also in the inter-domain to enable the end to end QoS guarantee. In the intra-domain routing, it is possible that a router manages its LSDB because the link state information is small in a domain. On the other hand in interdomain routing, since the amount of the link state information is very large, it is unrealistic to manage the whole link state information. The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the most prominent inter-domain routing protocol in the current internet. However, it is difficult to guarantee the inter-domain QoS using BGP because the BGP is a pathvector based protocol In this paper, we propose the interdomain QoS routing schemes that can manage the LSDBs effectively and minimize a waste of the network system resources by Link State Update (LSU) massages. We evaluate the performance of the proposed schemes by simulations. From the results, the proposed schemes can reduce the blocking probability and amount of the link state update with a few link state information.
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Blocking probability(BP), Border gateway protocol, Domain Routing Protocol, End to End(E2E), End-to-End QoS, Intra-domain routing, Link state, Network system, QOS Routing, QoS guarantee, Routing Path