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학술대회 PIM Multicast Spam Countering Method Using Blacklist in Rendezvous Point
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김성혜, 박소영, 강신각
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2008, pp.539-543
08MV1500, 인터넷전화 긴급통신 및 MolP 응용 표준개발, 강신각
Spam has been an annoying problem especially to Internet e-mail system nowadays. Many solutions have been deployed, but none have actually solved this problem. Various new applications based on the Internet are emerging very fast, and many of those applications are quickly being a good target for spammers. IP multicast provides flexibility in communication pattern with capability of sending same messages to multiple users. It can be used in various services like IPTV or conference communication. Since, multiple users can receive same message simultaneously, IP multicast is a great target for IP spammers. This paper propose spam countering method in IP multicast environment using PIM multicast protocol. If the multicast service receiver suspects that the receiving multicast traffic is a spam, it would report to the PIM rendezvous point. The PIM rendezvous point will manage multicast flow according to the spam reports received from the receivers. This paper made detailed description of the spam countering method that can be used to prevent spam in PIM-based IP multicast services.
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Communication patterns, E-mail Systems, IP multicast, Multicast Protocol, Multicast Traffic, Multicast services, Rendezvous point, multiple users