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학술대회 Configuration of Randomly Deployed WSN with the Estimation of Node Density
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주성순, 박상준, 표철식, 채종석
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2008, pp.237-240
07MD1700, UHF RF-ID 및 Ubiquitous 네트워킹 기술 개발, 채종석
In this paper, to avoid additional measurements and calculation for finding the connectivity and the local position when deploying wireless sensor nodes randomly with no prior information on environments, we propose a new decentralized WSN configuration algorithm which can provide relative location of sensor nodes to the sink node. Instead of concerning about sensing coverage of the network, at the initial stage of forming a network, a simple and fast procedure to obtain data for configuring the framework of the network is designed. We suggest a virtual network formed with the equivalent energy level of received signals, the Energy Level Projected Network (ELPN), which distance is defined as the diminution of the reference signal power. To collect data related to the wireless sensor nodes connectivity, localization, and uniformity of nodes deployment, the concept of the position sensing signal and relative direction finding algorithm are introduced.
KSP 제안 키워드
Direction Finding, Initial stage, Local position, Nodes deployment, Reference signal, Relative Location, Sensing Coverage, Sensing signal, Sink node, Virtual Network, configuration algorithm