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학술대회 The Secure Routing Mechanism for DHT-based Overlay Network
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권혁찬, 고선기, 나재훈, 장종수
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2008, pp.1300-1303
07MK1700, 유무선 IPv6 기반 P2P 네트워크 정보보호 기술 개발, 나재훈
For routing and lookup efficiency, DHT-based overlay network has been developed. The representative DHT-based overlay networks are Kad, Chord, Pastry and CAN. And Several applications such as file sharing, distributed storage system have been developed on the DHT-baed overlay network. But there exist several security attacks on the DHT-based overlay network: Peer ID attack, Attacks on message routing, Rapid join/leave attack, DoS arrack and so on. In this paper, we propose secure routing mechanism against message routing attacks for DHT-based overlay network. The proposed mechanism ensures that when a normal peer sends a lookup messages using a key, the messages delivered to the peer which is owner of the key with very high probability.
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File sharing, Message routing, Routing and, Routing attacks, Security attacks, distributed storage systems, overlay network, routing mechanism, secure routing