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학술대회 2D/3D Mixed Service in T-DMB System Using Depth Image Based Rendering
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강희중, 박영경, 김중규, 이현, 윤국진, 허남호, 김진웅
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2008, pp.1868-1871
07MR3300, 무안경 개인형 3D 방송기술개발, 안치득
In this paper, we introduce a 2D/3D mixed service in Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (T-DMB) system using depth-image-based rendering (DIBR). The 2D/3D mixed service is the 3D service type that 3D contents are shown partially while a 2D video sequence is displayed in the entire screen, or vice versa. This service is very attractive because partial display of 3D contents can maximize the effect of 3D services and can reduce the viewer's fatigue while watching a 3D display. Especially, we can provide more flexible 3D services with a low amount of data by using DIBR. Moreover, 3D contents can be manipulated efficiently by XML-based metadata. The proposed 2D/3D mixed service is tested using various contents in the 3D display with parallax barrier. The proposed 2D/3D mixed service can be employed efficiently as the additional data services in conventional T-DMB structure.
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3D content, 3D display, Digital multimedia broadcasting, Parallax barrier, Service Type, data services(DSs), depth-image-based rendering(DIBR), mixed service, video sequences