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학술대회 Sensor Data Management System in Sensor Network for Low Power
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문영백, 최연준, 홍승기, 이인환
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2008, pp.504-507
07DD1100, 감시정찰 센서네트워크 개발, 박상준
In the sensor network for supporting the low power high efficiency, this paper described about the sensor data managing method. The sensor node transmits sensing data to the sink node if it perceives the situation of a environment. In this case, data are transmitted in case the periodic or the event is generated. Previously reported event data are maintained for the efficient data transmission. If the event which sets up the critical scope in advance and is occurred present exceeds the transfer event and critical scope, it determines as invalid data. By transmitting determined event data it can prevent from the lifetime of the sensor node being shortened by the frequent communication. Moreover, when it has the measured value and the value which is recognized in the error range because of being identical, it instead transmits the simplified data packet signal which is defined about data request of the network management system with measured value and the sensor node can reduce data transmission traffic. Sensor Network, Data Management, Low Power.
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Data Management System, Data packet, Data request, Data transmission, Error range, Low-Power, Network management system, Sensing data, Sensor networks, Sensor node, Sink node