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학술대회 Context-Aware Service System Architecture based on Identity Interchange Layer
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김수형, 조상래, 진승헌
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2008, pp.1482-1486
07MK2700, 자기통제 강화형 전자 ID지갑 시스템 개발, 진승헌
This paper presents context-aware service system architecture based on identity interchange layer. We will also introduce context-aware agent named Mobile Digital Identity Wallet (MDIW). MDIW is a personalized agent being operated on a personal device which has a main key function to provide user's identity information to an entity that requests. Digital identity interchange mechanism of MIDW employs the concept of digital identity wallet that can control the interchange of digital identity. MIDW can also provide a transparent identity Interchange link to facilitate identity interchange between entities and to give a user full control to enforce her/his security and privacy policies over the process of service. Finally, MIDW based on a wide spectrum of user information can be a basic layer to get rid of ambiguity, which has been introduced by previous works based on only sensed information in ubiquitous computing research area.
KSP 제안 키워드
Context-aware service, Security and privacy policies, Sensed information, Service System, System architecture, Wide spectrum, digital identity, ubiquitous computing, user information